Our goal is to collaborate on open-source software that pushes the boundaries of open payments beyond the world of bank accounts and card associations.


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This hackathon focuses on working with these building blocks:

  • Open Payments APIs - An API for account servicing entities allowing third-parties to securely access digital wallets to view account information and initiate payments.
  • Web Monetization - A Web API allowing websites to automatically and passively receive payments from Web Monetization-enabled visitors.
  • Interledger - It’s an open, neutral protocol for transferring money based on TCP/IP, the protocol that defines the Internet. It was designed for sending cross-border, cross-currency, instant payments.
  • TigerBeetle - The distributed financial transactions database designed for mission critical safety and performance.

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Please get familiar with the rules here.

You can work on one (or more) items from these challenge categories:

Design Challenge

Improve the Interledger technology stack (e.g. ILP, Open Payments APIs, Web Monetization API), make a PR against the standards in GitHub, and walk us through it on stage!

If you're looking for inspiration, here are a bunch of ideas we came up with:

  1. Amend the implementation or specifications to improve, simplify, or expand the architecture or elements of the tech stack.
  2. Design alternatives to elements of the tech stack.
Open Payments Challenge

Use the OpenPayments API to build a working PoC and demo it on stage!

If you're looking for inspiration, here are a bunch of ideas we came up with:

  1. An e-commerce application with a "pay with Open Payments" flow.
  2. A subscription service built with Open Payments APIs.
  3. An application that uses pay-as-you-go, and takes advantage of the Open Payments APIs grants - giving access for an application to gradually make payment from user accounts up to a limit.
  4. Port the Open Payments SDK to another language (the current SDK was built with Node.js & TypeScript - see GitHub repo).
Web Monetization Challenge

Create tools or resources for Web Monetization and demo them on stage!

If you're looking for inspiration, here are a bunch of ideas we came up with:

  1. Write or update the existing V1 tools to embed Web Monetization into a website.
  2. Create a visual indicator for web-monetized creators or platforms to interact with their Web Monetization supporters (e.g. a thank you note; celebration confetti, payment counter).
  3. Design and implement a pay-wall library that can be used by websites for one-time payments for content.

TigerBeetle Challenge

Choose the challenge that you're most excited about:

  1. Safety Beetle: Use TigerBeetle to improve durability and availability.
  2. Performance Beetle: Use TigerBeetle to improve throughput and latency.
  3. Experience Beetle: Use TigerBeetle to model business events as double-entry transfers between accounts.

For more details, here is the TigerBeetle readme.


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$6,000 in prizes

$500 cash (per person) (12)

Whether participating as an individual or as a team, a $500 cash prize will be awarded to each participating person of a winning team.

Important: All fees, taxes or any other deductions applicable by law are for the sole account of the winner.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Alex Lakatos

Alex Lakatos

Chris Lawrence

Chris Lawrence
ILF - Head of Programs

Ioana Chiorean

Ioana Chiorean
Engineering Manager

Jeremiah Lee

Jeremiah Lee
Humanist & Technologist

Sabine Schaller

Sabine Schaller
ILF - Engineering Lead

Rafael Batiati

Rafael Batiati
TigerBeetle - Snr. Engineer

Layanah AlWreikat

Layanah AlWreikat
JoPACC - Business Dev. & Ops Director

Judging Criteria

  • Design Challenge
    (a) A clearly defined opportunity or 'problem' that your contribution addresses. (b) A clear description of the impact of the contribution. Why does this matter? (c) A submission in any of these formats:(1)GitHub issue (2) Markdown document (3) Slide deck
  • Open Payments & Web Monetization Challenges
    A structured code repository on GitHub, including the collection of the resources (e.g. libs, APIs etc.) required for the demo to successfully execute.
  • All Challenges
    (a) All submissions must be made at interledger-hackathon-2023.devpost.com. (b) Prepare a 5-minute demo or presentation to showcase the outcomes of your work. Choose 1 spokesperson to present or demonstrate the team's work.
  • (Optional) All Challenges
    Submissions may include any type of helpful diagram illustrating the overall architecture, system context, sequential flow of data or interactions between components.

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